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Re: Water in a gas tank!? Asking for BIG trouble! If it don't blow up first!

From: alumcan
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Date: December 12, 2003


Danny, putting water in a gas tank for the purpose of elimating the oxygen factor, so the fumes (you are VERY correct there!) don't go ka-blooie, and land you/tank up on the neighbors roof, whether either one of you want to be there, really does NOT work. Only ONE thing will elimate the volatial gas fumes. All water does is screw up the running works. Do the water thing, and can after can, after can, of dry gas will have to be used, to smooth out the running. Like the gas penetrating in the tank seams, water will do the same thing. In the 'old days' I welded/brazed boo-coo gas tanks. Many with gas still in them, some STILL on the car! No problem. The trick was, use carbon monixide, or exhaust fumes. There was one tank I welded up, some Ford that the top of the gas tank was the trunk floor. Guy was hauling something and it poked a hole in the tank. I just pulled the float assembly, and run a hose from his exhaust into the filler neck and welded away. Welding a gas tank with carbon monixide running through it, you have to have an inlet and a outlet. If not, the exhaust pressure will just blow your weld away. I would NOT want to put a flame a foot or two away where the exhaust is comming out either. Now, with today's unleaded gas, I won't do any more gas tank welding. The Carbon monixied poison is greatly reduced. Paul Harvey advertises Buicks. He gave a story of a guy, very despondent, drove his Buick into his garage, closed the door, left the car run, then dozed off. Several hours later, someone found him still alive, and all the guy had was a splitting headach, a smelly garage/house, and a almost empty tank of gas! Bottom line, never use water! Get a place that can strip the entire tank, then they/you can soder all of the pin holes. If YOU soder, make sure you have a 3 or 4 pound MAX air pressure to check for pin holes. Radiator shops allready has all that equipment. You can't fart in it either, that won't work either! My opnion on these pour in tank hole sealers, is like the radiator stop leak shit. BOTH will tend to gum up the whole works. They don't use either in new vehicles from the factory! Anyway. Do what you want, but remember, have fun doin' it!


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