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I don't want to grow up!I'm a man with midlifecrisisitis!

From: chrycopsycho
Email: erikaase<at>
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Date: December 11, 2003


Jessica, Your comments for the most part are dead on,it's foolish how grown men carry on some nights on this site.Sadly I have participated in these school yard brawls.Having said that I empathize with those members who are trying to keep stuck up oafs like Lars from ruining the knowledge sharing community that this site provides.We all have to start somewhere,we aren't born with all the answers. I will promise you from now on that I won't participate in anymore pissing matches as they are unproductive.I feel the best way to deal with loose cannons is to ignore their posts.Once they realize that nobody will play their game they will move on to other pastures. Thank you Jessica for voicing your concern,forward look is a classy site and its participants should act accordingly.


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