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Re: What's my car worth?

From: Mopar Randy
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Date: December 10, 2003


I don't know what your car is worth, but I do know that a MIG welder can be had from the Home Depot for about $300.00. I bought a small Lincoln MIG welder there last year and have used it extensively on my 77 Plymouth Gran Fury for rust abatement. It works great with just the flux core wire that comes with the machine. One can also get the kit to adapt agron to the machine for use with solid wire and to do aluminum. You might want to check that out before you give up and take a big loss on something that you have already invested a lot of time and money into. I know I bought my 55 New Yorker for $150.00 from someone who "gave up". All it needed to get driving was a battery and a brake booster. My advice is to keep it and repair it as you can. Good luck, Mopar Randy


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