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Production at Chrysler limo/airport 1957-59?

From: Joakim Larén
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Date: December 09, 2003


Iám intrest at Chrysler (New Yorker, Windsor)limo/airport special at 1957-59. Where can I find information abouth Limo/airport 57-59. I know some of 1959 modell was built in Belgien. I has see one 57 Windsor limo and hear abouth 59 New yorker limo in Sweden the last one going to junk yard at 70´. I now two Windsor 59 limo is in Finland and they are comes from belgien. There the built 23 each off this modell. In US I have no information abouth production at Chrysler limo/airport limo there. Maby some can help me tell more round that? Thanks from Joakim


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