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Re: Rear A/C long ago in the archives

From: alumcan
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Date: December 05, 2003


Yeah, I used Air Teaque brand, I caught Vintage Air in a fib. Both Companys are down there in HOT texas, so they ought to know what's a goin' on! I installed frot AND rear air in a '55 DeS Hemi powered '48 DeS rod. The reason, that I could not get a big enough evaporator unit under the OM '48 dash. Not with the cowel vent, OM radio and glove box. Both companys, plus some others, sell a $20. (?) video that tells you EVERYTHING you ever wanted to know about principle/installation of A/C and the components. However, in the video I saw 12 years or so ago, there is NO mention of MoPars. 99% of the rods are Chevy powered, so everything is geared for SBC powered, and differnt complete bolt in kits for Chevy cars. Last someone posted, (archives) neither Co. has made a direct bolt in kit for any Mopars,,,,,,yet. But a condenser location/evaporator location/dryer location/vent locatin, is the same reguardless of what kind of vehicle. Both Vintage and Teaque sell differnt degree angled fittings, you'll just have to have your hoses made up. Any small tubing bending places, or smaller hydraulic shops can make up the hose lengths. Instead of getting a 'kit' you will have to piece everything together seperately. One problem with installing REAR air. You will have to make a 'firewall' between the evaporator and the trunk. Another VERY IMPORTANT idem is, insulate the WHOLE inside of your car. The best/cheapest stuff is sold at Lowes'/Home Depot. It's that 1/4" thick buble shit with aluminum foil on both sides. Comes in differnt widths, but in 20' rools. Get a case of Liquid Nails on sale, and have at it. (MAKE SURE YOIU HAVE A FAN BLOWING CONSTALLY ON YER BACKSIDE WHEN USING LIQUID NAILS IN A CONFINED AREA!! IT SEZ RIGHT ON THE TUBE. GUARANTEED TO KILL YOU!!) Beleive me, inside a car, inside a garage, that shit STINKS! You can take a trip and not leave your garage! When your done, door closing will sound like a safe. Plus your air/heat will not have to 'work' so hard. Down side, when someone farts, the smell lingers a lot longer. Have fun


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