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Heater Core

From: Shawn Cripe
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Date: December 03, 2003


I was just wanting to ask if I was correct in that the way to get to the heater core on my 57 Dodge is behind the fiberglass housing on the firewall? I have the manual for my Dodge, but it just shows a cut-away picture of the heating system, it doesn't offer any info (at least that I can tell) on how to remove it. If it does come out from behind the fiberglass housing under the hood - besides removing the air cleaner assembly and the distributor cap, has anyone else found out that there is more that has to me removed for the housing and the heater core to slide free? Also, I just wanted to mention that I really appreciate those people on this board who have been such a help to me with my Dodge. I check this site every day to learn something new and I hope that someday I can be as knowledgeable as the rest of you and help someone else down the road. Living in rural central Missouri there just aren't any resources to turn to for help with a car of this age - especially when it is a MoPar. As an example, there is another gentleman here in town who has a 58 Dodge and took it to the local Chrysler dealership for a tune-up and "once over." Well, as it was at the dealership, someone there jacked up the pushbuttons for the transmission by pushing in too many at once - as far as I know the car is still there (has been for months now) and has yet to be repaired as there is no one there with the know how. That is a perfect reason why I value this board and I just want to say thanks again and let everyone know how much people do appreciate your combined knowledge and expertise! Have a happy holiday season!


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