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No Problem......

From: Hank Dozier
Email: dozierhc <at>
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Date: December 02, 2003


I feel this forum is to try and pass the knowledge on. I have found through the years that the shop manuals (I own several) leave a lot to be desired. What is found in one manual was often left out of others (thank God for the MOPAR Canada versions, which seem to contain more content). I surmise that this was because the Dealerships often had a stack of Service Manuals to sort through for information. Unfortunately, this is NOT the case today with what remains of the body of information. So if we can leave a record here and in the Forwardlook Archives of what to do in what situation, we all help each other. Maybe this is being a little too socialistic/communistic of me (a died in the wool conservative Libertarian or Jeffersonian Democrat????), but I feel that this knowledge is for all, not to be kept to the few. I think the concept of "Information is Power" does not belong on this forum. That rant completed, everyone have a good Holiday season, no matter what your beliefs are!


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