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Why Daven gave up a stereo installation career (Sid will like this)

From: Daven Anderson
Email: 1961fury<at>
Remote Name:
Date: December 02, 2003


The reason why I don't work at a car stereo shop is because then I would have to cut up old cars if the owner wished me to do so (unless you had that very rare shop owner who would put aesthetics and classy installations over the almighty dollar!). Without naming names or admitting guilt, it is quite possible that sometime in the late 1980's that a '47 Dodge streetrod came into a car stereo shop, and the owner requested that the dashboard be cut to facilitate the installation of a cassette deck. The installer may have refused to do this work, and MAY have called the car owner a _____ing idiot in the parking lot as well. The shop owner at this point may have suggested that the installer change his career, and the installer may have done so. The installer may have done a few installs since then, but freelance and for owners who care about their classic cars and wanted a GOOD install, not irreversible butchery! PS: The installer may have been a bit biased against the '47 Dodge owner, due to the plain-vanilla 350 Chevy and GM tilt column installed in that car as well.


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