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I'm gonna wake this board up,,,,,,Christine question,,,,useless trivia

From: alumcan
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Date: November 30, 2003


OK, all you Christine groopies/wannabes, fans. Figure this'in out! In the movie, the only GM car that was in a complete (no in the background) scene(s) was 'Darnell's Caddy' A blue, late '70 something or other, Coupe DeVille. There was also dialog, mentioning the car. 'Darnell on the phone, when the burnt Chrisitne enters his garage' Question. There was a Mopar (in more 'film time' than Darnell's Caddy) that had a GM motor in it. (clue. Sounded sweet) What was it? Einestine, yer not allowed to play. Because you'll disect the entire movie frame by frame, with some fancy machine you made out of old Hoover sweeper/condom machine parts!


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