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Re: Quest for christine:winter plans for summer hunt!

From: Herman Parker
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Date: November 28, 2003


Billy-Jack speaks the truth. I moved to Calgary, Alberta from Houston, Texas in 1979 and lived there till March 1983. I never realized how spoiled I was till I went to the local auto parts. The number of ordinary auto parts stores were few and far between and more often than not, the part had to be ordered. The cost of parts was another shock. I raced a oval track dirt car car and found that it was cheaper and faster in some cases to order parts from Houston, ship them and pay import duty than to order local. Even at that, I can't imagine the difficulty involved trying to put a classic car together in Canada. Having said that, I was amazed at the number and quality of classic mopars running around the streets. Canadians are definately serious mopar brothers. For me, the aggrevation of getting parts for my race car was offset by the continuous sight of the Rocky Mountains and friendly people. I even got a bonus - I brought back a great Canadian wife and have been married for 20 years. Herman


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