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Re: '77 Cordoba (400eng./auto)

From: Joe Mac
Remote Name:
Date: November 24, 2003


Jonnie, The 400 would fit well, having the B motor mounts already. I'd do away with the Lean Burn system on that motor and go with a simple 4bbl carb and electronic dist (or you could swap over whatever is on the 361, it should work). The new tranny probably needs a different support than the manual. You can get an aftermarket floor shifter. Not original looking, but it sounds like this will be a rod wagon anyway. I don't have dimensions on the late B body rears. I'm not even sure these are the 8 3/4" chuck type. You'll have to check the dimensions (track, spring centers), and will probably have to move the spring perches if you determine it fits between the wheel wells. You can use the Cordoba drive shaft but may have to modify the length. Have a shop do this. The a/c can probably be used with an underdash evaporator. The pb conversion has been covered elsewhere, check the archives. I think some guys have applied the later boosters. I would find an older donor for the ps setup. You'll have to change the steering box anyway. Get the whole thing, pump, box, hoses and steering arm, it'll save you some trouble. Could be a very cool wagon. Let us know if you go for it. Good luck.


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