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Re: Loadflite to carb linkage

From: Boondox
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Date: November 23, 2003


Herman and Jeff -- Thanks! Damaging that tranny would be a crime! Not that many of them left. I bought the truck on Ebay last March. First thing I did when it arrived was to drain and inspect all the fluids. They actually looked pretty good; the former owner was a retired bus mechanic who fired it up regularly and changed the fluids even though -- with a bent driveshaft and front axle -- it wasn't driven at all since 1977. While going over it I found the rear axle had snapped, another reason for not driving it! Anyway, the tranny fluid looked really good, but I never dropped the pan to check for crud. But I sure would like to see the kickdown linkage on another vehicle to see what it's supposed to look like. Thanks again, Pete


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