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Re: Polishing do I do it?

From: Steve
Email: 59Fury
Remote Name:
Date: November 22, 2003


Arthur, Yes, sanding may be a part of polishing your trim. But only if necessary, and you'll know if you can't get the marks out (or get anodizing off of aluminum trim) by buffing. I even use a file sometimes to remove high spots after I raise a ding. Then sand, then buff. I would suggest that you get some pieces of trim from a salvage yard or a parts car and "learn" on them before you start on your own. Get some aluminum and stainless both, because they have different techniques for straightening & polishing. Also, after polishing aluminum it looks great but won't stay that way for long. Take it to your local plater and have it clear anodized like the factory did. After you've finished polishing stainless, you're done! No protective coating or plating is necessary.


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