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Re: Rear disc kit...Axles...Sway bars/listen up, or go into the archives

From: alumcan
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Date: November 22, 2003


OK, I have researched this several years ago, and just did another measurment for my '58 Belvy. A '80's to '96 Full size Bronco complete rear sway bar, brackets and all, will just about bolt in! (is the F-150 rear bar the same as a Bronco?)There is even a hole in the Ply frame, in just about the right place for the Bronco bar anchor bolt. A sleeve will have to be made so the boxed Ply frame, (compaired to the Bronco channel frame)will not colapse when tightning the swaybar link bolt down. I had this Bronco set up on a '48 DeS Rod a number of years ago, (again, almost a bolt in application on a DeS frame. The length of the link bolt had to be shortened considerlby. Vehicle was 'slammed') And cornering/handling was improved a 100%! The guy I sold the car to, said it handled better than his S-10 4 door Blazer, and his wifes' Drango! He used it as a daily driver, and blowed some 'rice boys' minds with how this big old ugly car was able to corner. (he was having fun) As "Double H" sez, don't use bars intended for unibody, over to a body on frame, or vice versa. I was going to use a OM '58 Chrysler 3/4" (dia)front swaybar assembly on the Plymmie, along with the 1" (dia) rear Bronco unit. I was in the junk yard, and found a old '59 Plymouth that had a (aftermarket ?) 1" (dia) front bar. The link bolt mounts were welded to the Ply lower A arms. (I didn't get them)(but looked 'factory' from something else. They 'kinta resemble a '70 RR ?) I took the bar down to the local NAPA store, all of the rubber(s) matched, for the 70's up Chevy 1/2 ton 2 wheel drive pick-em-ups. A 2 wheel drive ANY kind of pick up is RARE around here! As soon as I see a 2 wheel drive 70 something Chevy/GMC, I'm gonna see if this bar was orgianlly OM for them! Double 1" swaybars, 4 wheel DB! Whoo-Haw! Or as Jed Clampet used to say, Whee-Dogies!


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