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I also need '60 New Yorker motor answers

From: Bill K.
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Date: November 12, 2003


As many may know I want to save the '60 NYer wagon I found, rot and all. It has no motor whatsoever in it. Although I can get a 413 from the companion car, another NYer wagon, it needs a rebuild I am sure - I would bet a million dollars it's rusted stuck without even trying to turn it. What I want to know is what other motors will bolt into this car. I would be happy to run a later 383 or 400 and trans out of some '70's MoPar product (I already plan to use a 'Cuda rear and see what I can do to swap later spindles into it and get disc brakes). But what I don't know is if there are any major changes in the motor mounting between the 1960 cars and the 1970's cars, and if so can the newer block still be used with 1960 mounts. You can do all that with a Pontiac easy enough, but I don't know Mopar that well. This way I can keep my eyes open for a running beater or ex-demo car of some sort. Don't really want a 440, I'd like to avoid a few of the gas stations if I ever get this thing running, but I would assume the 383-426-440 (383 seeming to morph to a 400 in about 1971, gone by '75) blocks are a family and the same general rules apply to using any of them in this car. Thanks Bill K.


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