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Act of compassion

From: Jason in Utah
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Date: October 25, 2003


I felt the need to post a public thank you to a very kind man. Greg Davis was the owner of my '59 Plymouth Savoy. Many of you have seen the post placing this car for sale recently. I had an extremely hard time coming to this decision. Greg was nearly in tears when we took the car home for the first time. He had become very attached to the car as is was his fathers for many years, and he'd grown up with it. He gave me and my wife a great deal on the car knowing we were going to be married soon and needed a good car. Lately repairs on a few items have been more than I could handle and we came to the decision to sell and get something my wife could drive now. But all along the way Greg helped where and when he could. He even took $200 off the purchase price because the radiator blew up and we had to do a recore. Today when I went over to make a payment he asked how things where going. I told him honestly about the car problems with the Savoy, and the recent problems with my truck and that we were just a little stressed not having a dependable vehicle. We NEVER asked or expected what happened next. about an hour after making our payment Greg stopped by. I came to the door and he handed me an envelope with my and my wifes' name on it. I knew what was inside. I asked anyway though and all he would say is Merry Christmas. I got sick. I couldn't even open it, my wife had to. Inside was our payment sheet with a note at the bottom saying "Congratulations" "Spend your money elswhere" and the remaining $835 crossed out! I still can't believe it. I still don't know if we'll accept it or not, I am still trying to comprehend how someone could do that. Amazing. May God bless him and his family, if only for the kind guesture. Thank you Greg, and thanks to the forum for letting me post this. Jason Lewis


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