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Re: Industrial Hemi WHOO-HAW!

From: alumcan
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Date: September 28, 2003


A Hemi is a Hemi. Industry/Marine/or Lawn mower. Neat thing about an Industrial early Hemi. Adj rockers! Usually ONLY available on 300 Letter Car motors! The governor will have to be romoved, usually under the carb. Unless it's a four bbl, toss from the intake up. Check the #'s right in front of the 'valley' pan, leading edge of the block. Make sure the valve covers under the spark plug covers, between each spark plug hole, has little raised dimples. Means adjustable rockers. Also the back of the block, where the bell goes, does not stick straight out. You know, like there is a extension on the block '51,2,3 331 Chryslers. Stay away from. Get rid of the governor unit and whatever monstrocity type of in/out trans unit, you got a Hemi you can get the adapters, for BB Chevy water pumps, any elect distubiter, or any transmission out there. "Double H' up there has a list of early Hemi parts suppliers. Now, go have fun!


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