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Exhaust 'tips'

From: Daven Anderson
Email: 1961fury<at>
Remote Name:
Date: September 28, 2003


What I do on the upper bushings is that I have a solid steel piece (1" dia. round, 6" long) between the hammer and the bushing. Exhaust-- Here's some irony for you: My city requires baffled mufflers. HOWEVER, Magnaflow straight-through unbaffled mufflers (they're basically glass packs with much better sound insulation material) are a lot quieter than typical Flowmaster mufflers that HAVE baffles but no sound insulation material! The Magnaflows on one of my cars are technically illegal BUT they are almost as quiet as stock and it's not even close to any city decibel limits for sound level. The Flowtech Afterburners on another of my cars are straight-through with less sound insulation, definitely loud BUT still without the harsh 'blat' of Flowmasters (I can tell a Flowmaster just by hearing it!). I get a lot of compliments about how good the 440 and Afterburners sound, not quiet but no 'blat', no harsh edges and still not as loud as some of the Honda coffee-can tips you hear. The Magnaflows may be the best overall muffler, just a little louder than stock but basically no restriction (so you get the power of an open exhaust without all the noise that would cause!) Big cities would usually have a few good custom exhaust shops, and I've even seen Midas and Meineke do some decent custom exhaust work on some cars. Super irony: my newest car HAS no muffler (just two resonators in line), yet it's the quietest car I have (then again, the turbo IS quite a muffler all by itself!)....


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