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From: Kenny J.
Email: kjosephson<at>
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Date: September 01, 2003


I am sometimes criticized for the modifications I made to my '59 Plymouth Suburban four door and the ones I have planned for my two door Suburban. But I drive the four door several days per week and will use the two door for long trips. None of the modifications I make are irreversible and free up good used & even N.O.S. parts for the purists and their excellent restorations to stock specifications. I love seeing pure stock restorations and entered this hobby as a purist. But since I live in a climate that allows me to enjoy driving my Forward Look beasts year 'round, I may as well make 'em as practical and safe as possible. Imagine the possibilities if one would apply modern electronic fuel injection and efficient overdrive transmissions (either manual or automatic) to the inherently efficient Hemis and Polys! Simply adding electronic ignition to my four door's flat head six was a worthy investment, providing benefits in both driveability and fuel economy. I admit to being a little weary of seeing so many red cars from the 1955 to 1972 era, but then again, it is an eye catching color and is usually admired by the casual observer not active in the hobby. When I had my '73 Duster repainted during 1988, I decided the original red was "too orange" and went with a (then comtemporary) G.M. red. And, as I noted before, I don't mind cross pollination to some degree. Many high performance Chevy enthusiasts use Ford nine inch rear ends as well as Mopar application Dana 60s. I know people who have been using modified GM H.E.I. ignitions in Mopars. But I'd rather see one more red '58 Plymouth on the street than see it's rear clip cut off and made into a couch! :-)


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