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Re: Cast Iron Torqueflite (A466 series) Torque Converter Rebu...

From: Hank Dozier
Remote Name:
Date: August 28, 2003


Lee....Glad to hear you are finally putting it back togther! I think I am just at that point of final disassembly/repair before the assembly stage. Thanks for the info. The TC should be OK from the condition of the Torqueflite, but I am leery of 40-odd years of stagnant Trans Fluid just sitting in this thing. Best to have it rebuilt anyway, as the engine is going to be rebuilt to factory (320+ HP) state, and the trans was rebuilt, so I do not feel like having the TC as the weak link. Rather bust a rear axle. They are easier to work on! I will see if I can find the number and call them. If not, will contact you off board for details.


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