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Re: sure - grip

From: Neil Vedder
Remote Name:
Date: June 10, 2003


Chuck, I dunno what 'year' Sure-Grip you've got, but could somebody please explain to me what 'normal' performance-purpose there would be in having a limited-slip trannie, in such a high-gear---I mean, it's not likely that a person would "spin" the rear wheels, with that ratio, & want to gain maximum traction from both rear wheels. The other purpose for a Sure-Grip, would be to maintain traction, while driving in sand/snow/ice. The 'funny' thing is that a 2.93 "open-peg-leg" rear end will give better MPG, than the S-G, which (mileage) is a major reason for HAVING the high rear-end, in the 1st place. What am I "missing", here? Neil Vedder


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