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Re: A518 OD trans info needed

From: Brian Cooper
Remote Name:
Date: June 07, 2003


Your speedometer cable will work if it is long enough, which it won't be. You will have to hunt up a longer cable, but the ends are the same and there is no digital sending unit like a generic motors. You will have three wires coming out of the tranny plug. The center one is 12 volts in. The outer two are to the two toggle switches you will need to activate the overdrive solenoid and teh torque converter lockup solenoid. Go from those switches to a ground. I know that sounds backwards, but it is correct. You will ahve to fabricate a tranny crossmember to clear the larger tailhousing of the overdrive. Are you certain that the LA patern bellhousing on the A518 will bolt to your block? What about the converter? Be sure you get the correct 318 converter that is neutral balanced and not the 360 offset balance converter. I put an A-500 in a 1980 Dodge Truck using this method. They use identical wiring. It is vital to the Chrysler overdrive tranny to use ONLY Chrylser Type 3+ fluid or aftermarket equivalent. Do NOT use Dextron, Mercon, Type A, Type F, or ANYTHING ELSE!!! Also never pull any sort of load in overdrive. Period.


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