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58 Torqueflite

From: Joey M
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Date: June 04, 2003


Hi all, I'm currently restoring a '58 chrysler windsor. Great car, runs great but one problem. The transmission won't shift into reverse. Actually, I don't think it shift into neutral either. When I start up the engine the wheel spin. Stopping the wheels with the brakes and then pressing the R button, the tires still spin when the brakes are released but forward. I think there might be a problem with the linkage? Perhaps its stuck in drive and the neutral starter switch is shot? It has the 3-speed Iron case torqueflite. Is there a way I can tell if the linkage is moving? Its up on blocks right now and I've been attempting to go through the adjustments for the linkage put forward by Chilton but I can't seem to get through the steps. Any advice with that or am I looking past something obvious or completly off base. Please help. Thanks a ton. --Joe


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