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Can u integrate 60 chrysler and 60 plymouth column.

From: erik aase
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Date: June 03, 2003


I'm finishing up the chryply conversion: 60 chrysler running gear,power brakes and power steering into plain jane 60 belvedere. Besides welding in the v8 mounts everyhting else has bolted in.My problem-i picked up an aero wheel and tried to stick it on the chrysler column but I noticed that the aero wheel has two tabs sticking down for the horn.I'm a little gun shy about disassembling steering columns as I'm leery about screwing up some vital internal component.Can I trade just the top half of the steering column or do I need an all plymouth power steering unit in order for my aero wheel to work(I don't have a plymouth one as car was previously manual).any help would be greatly appreciated.


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