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Re: Negative Supercharging

From: loat1e
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Date: June 01, 2003

Comments OK I looked for this negative supercharging thing and found thier website. This is the lamest shit I have seen in a long time. Basically they have tryed to maximise the scavenging effect plus a few other things that are not at all revolutionary or high-tech like they say. Hot air in the intake for one to 'incresae power' because hot gasses expand with greater force. These guys built something based on theory, but we all know what happens when you shoot hot air in your engine. Pinging and major power loss. They have a 'special' cam design which is basically a torque cam. They rely heavily on air speed and of course you need less overlap and small valves with low lift. Nothing special. Have a look at thier site and have a good laugh.


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