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Re: 57 Dodge wheel colors

From: Neil Vedder
Remote Name:
Date: May 29, 2003


Tony, one of the nice things about our cars is the capability of the various electo-mechanical components to be 'field-stripped/overhauled' by someone with only a rudimentary electrical-mechanical ability (moi). Your dash lights not working may be related to nothing more than you disconnecting your battery, noting the wiring-connections to the back of the headlight switch, disconnecting same, & removing the headlight switch from the dash. Then, carefully disassemble the switch, noting the sequence of parts coming off it, & then clean/adjust the contact-points, and the slide-wiper, for the dash-gauge brightness-control, reassemble the switch, reinstall the switch& wiring-connections, & you've (probably) got 'your' dash-lights! Light switches also appear on ebay, & I've got a spare, if you need one. Neil


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