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'58 318 Problem. Help save my hair!

From: George
Remote Name:
Date: May 28, 2003


Having managed to overcome one hassle after another in trying to get my 58 Belvedere running after rebuilding it I have encountered another frustrating problem. When I finally got it started for the first time it ran OK. I backed it out of the driveway and pulled it back in (no insurance right now), ran it for over an hour, and shut it down and restarted it several times. Since then I cannot get it to run for any length of time. I've cleaned out the carb and it appears to be getting adequate fuel but it will not run for more than a few minutes. Just this evening after it stalled I noticed that the coil resistor was smoking until I turned the key off. Could a bad coil, condenser, or mis-wiring be causing this problem? I replaced the ignition switch so I guess it is possible that a connection went to the wrong pin. Help! The aggravation is killing me!


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