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Re: You're a little behind in the news! :)

From: loat1e
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Date: May 28, 2003


Sorry about being behind the times...yesterday was the first I have heard of this...and I live in California! Needless to say I was and still am more than a little upset. If the bill was changed to be less'damaging' to us , it is still a foot-in-the-door for policy makers...just like the gun-grabbers. Once they get credibility from a minor law it snowballs into biggers laws. Minor laws set precident for bigger, more drastic laws. I know that this is technically a slippery slope, but it actually works this way. I think we still need to oppose ANY law limiting what we can do with our forward lookers, or any other old car, just to slow the decline. Remeber, California is a trendsetter when it comes to laws being adopted by other states. Let's stop it here. If anyone knows viable channels to combat this SB, please email me privately. Thanks everyone.


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