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Re: Shiftkit for Torqueflite?

From: Neil Vedder
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Date: May 28, 2003


Arthur, you can install a water-cooled trannie--not an 'easy' job, unless you can score a complete radiator/trannie group, from a 57 -58 Chrysler/Imp. The h2o-version willnot necessarily perform better than the air-cooled unit, but it will 'live' longer. You can have either unit be 'built' to "300" specs; I also had HD governor weights & springs added, many years ago, for higher/harder (luv dem positive-hard-shifts). You can also have your T/converter be overhauled, for higher stall speed (meaning that the car WON'T creep forward @ 10 mph, anymore)--higher stall will produce more trannie heat, which is 'countered' by the h20-cooled trannie. AND, Keisler Automotive is developing a 4-speed O.D. "unit" that will adapt-to/replace the tail-section of the T/flite, which hopefully will give us (with 3.55:1 SureGrips!) a finaldrive ratio of 3.00, or less!! Neil Vedder


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