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Re: 57 Dodge wheel colors

From: Neil Vedder
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Date: May 28, 2003


The ugly truth is that, advertising notwithstanding, "all" of the ORIGINAL 57 Dodges that I have seen, have had white outer-area wheels, with dark-grey/blackish colored center-areas. My own red/white CRL, which I bought in 1980, "came" with red-outer-rims, but the spare tire/wheel was (still-IS) an about 50%-worn original-unit, & it had a WHITE-centered rim!! All of the red/white "ad" cars, and other-color "ad" cars all had 'body-color' rims, but, in the real-world, most if not ALL, 57 Dodges had white outer-rims. Having said that, I have (re-)painted all my wheels red! BTW, Rustoleum-red is a VERY-close color-match to 57 Dodge "flame-red". If I were building a mega-dollar award-winning Trailer-queen (whatta waste of a car!) I'd paint the wheels white, & install the Goodyear bias plys. My car has "wide-ish" whitewall radials, & it is DRIVEN! Neil Vedder


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