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Brake troubles

From: Kelly
Email: 325
Remote Name:
Date: May 27, 2003


I am having the worst luck with the AAJ brake setup. I first put the kit on, and was having trouble with the brake lights not working, and the system not getting bled. I destroyed the kit supplied master cylinder, so I purchased another one (for a ’70 ‘cuda), my fault. Got the car working, and the brake pedal gets harder and harder the more I drive. Unpleasant smell from the front wheels. Calipers are locked. The culprit was the pedal pushrod. Started driving again, and because of fighting with those locked calipers, the rotors are warped. Okay, no biggie, I am going to get the rotors machined, but it is only a five mile drive to work (I take my skateboard to school), so I am no hurry. The car was working up until last week. The pedal is fine, when I get to work it is hard as a rock. The 325 acts like it is pulling an ocean liner just cruising at 45. I looked at everything yesterday, my pads have a nice diagonal wear across them. What I am guessing is that the pedal is getting hard because of the harder-than-usual contact that the pads and rotor has, and the heat is causing the fluid to expand. I looked at the brackets and they are WARPED! Has anybody else had any problems with the brackets warping, or it is because I am such an ignoramus when it comes to discs?


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