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How far do dual rear antennas EXTEND? '59 Dodge

From: Lou
Remote Name:
Date: May 26, 2003


I have a pair of antennas for my '59 Dodge. They have 3 sections: the lower stationary one (hollow), the middle section (hollow), and the top section (solid). the antennas were slightly bent at the bases and the middle sections were frozen in the retracted position. I was able to heat up the bottom section a bit and get the slight bend out of it, but I am only able to get the middle section to move about 2 inches total (about 5" extended fromthe bottom section.) then it STOPS. I tug and tug using a vise, various lubricants and penetrating oils. i am afraid to REALL pull it for fear of breaking it. My friend thinks that this is as far as it is SUPPOSED to go but it makes no sense to me that the other 2 sections are 16-18" long and the middle is only 5" long. Cn anyone tell me if this center part is supposed to be full length? thanks, Lou


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