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Transmission info

From: Bill in SD
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Date: May 24, 2003


I know a couple of people had questions about transmissions. The 3 speed Torqueflite for a V8 had a ratio of 2.93:1 or optional 3.15:1 while the 2 speeed Powerflite for a V8 had a ratio of 3.31:1. It's always best to rebuild a transmission than to pull one out of a junkyard for these olds cars. The fluid could have leaked out or water gotten inside & made it all rusty which can weaken the internal parts. I know the last transmission for a 58 Plymouth that I had rebuilt a few years ago (before I started rebuilding them myself) cost about $900. That was a complete pan up rebuild with all new bands. Just don't fall for those $100 tranny rebuilds. All those places do is change filters and fluid. Its a "service" but they call it a "rebuild".


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