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Re: B engine swap info

From: Scott Monfort
Remote Name:
Date: May 22, 2003


If your car is a V8 you'll need to find a pair of '58 or '59 B engine motor mount brackets (you can also modify '58-'59 318 polysphere mounts to work), Kanter has the motor mount rubber. If it's a flathead 6 you'll need to chop the V8 mounts out of a donor car and weld them in after removing the six mounts. Then proceed as above.You'll need to fabricate the tranny mount. If you get a '62 Torqueflite you'll be able to use it behind a modern B/RB and be able to get performance parts for it as well, plus it'll hook up to your 3 speed pushbutton setup if you car is an auto plus you e-brake will still work. '68-'70 B body 8 3/4 are supposed to be an easy bolt in, plus I've heard an E-body 8 3/4 will work too. I've been researching this swap too, just haven't done it yet. Others here may be able to offer more info gained thru experience. Good Luck!


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