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B engine swap info

From: Rich Reicher
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Date: May 21, 2003


I know this has been asked before but I cannot find archived info on swapping a mid 70s B engine and tranny combo into a 57 Coronet 2dr sedanette. I know about custom driveshaft etc. but what rearend options were available that year or do I need to swap in a later B or C body rearend? Obviously, a floor shifter will need to be installed. Any suggestions to minimize cutting in the tunnel area there? what about motor mount conversion kits? Any on the market or do i need a motor plate? motor is a mild 400. Can I just weld in the ears off of the front sub of the donor Newport after test fitting the 400 into the Coronet frame and use the stock mounts? Thank you in advance for all your help and patience. please e-mail me any long answers or article references. Oh and any expediting that can be done would be greatly appreciated as the Newport may be gone soon if I do not take it and I am waiting to see whether I want to tackle this job before purchasing it. Rich.


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