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Re: Intake manifold adaptability for Desoto S-23, 330cu Hemi

From: Lee Lopes
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Date: May 15, 2003


As some of you know I am restoring my 55 desoto firedome 2dr. I am also converting to a 55 4bbl setup. so here's some info you may find useful. Don't forget to put the 4bbl camshaft in. the part # for 56 is 1635793 (S24). I believe the duration is longer but the lift is the same. Also if you are going to put on dual exhaust, try to find a place to weld an 'H' pipe, upstream of the mufflers. This helps to equalize the exhaust pressure from one side of the engine to another. One last thing: The four barrel setup will be nice to have, but make sure you also have some type of trans oil cooler. The 4bbls had the one mounted on the water pump inlet, but i would think that an air cooled will help as well. The reason being is that you will be creating more horsepower for the powerflite to handle. (i assume you have an auto) The number of clutch discs/reaction plates in the direct drive housing are fewer for the 2 bbl vs the 4bbl. It normally wouldn't be a concern if you're not riding it hard. Have fun and good luck. Lee Lopes


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