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DON'T buy a "Secret Audio" unit

From: lou
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Date: May 14, 2003


If you plan to have a decent quality stereo at ALL, especially if you want to use a separate amplifier, do not use a Secret Audio system. They have a TERRIFIC IDEA there, but the product itself is very poor quality. It is a remote mounted am/fm stereo with 6-CD changer that comes with an RF remote, so that you do not have to POINT it at the unit. They advertise in Street rod magazines, and such. Used to be too but that page is gone. The sound quality is poor, there is lots of distortion, and if you use AMPS and such, you will get humms, buzzes, feedback, warbly noises, etc. I honestly have tinitis that I attribute to it. Such a shame they could not have used quality equipment (especially for the $480 they charge). I mounted 2 amplifiers and the secret audio unit and the CD changer inside of vintage suitcases which I bolted down in the trunk, and a small subwoofer waaaay deep in the trunk behind the rear seat. That way, the stuff is hidden, and the trunk has some detail/showy stuff in it. After I yanked out the Secret Audio unit, I just ran a long cable from the trunk to the driver's seat area under the carpet, and I plug a WALKMAN into it, and the AMPS and subwoofer magically transform it into an awesome sound. no juke-box, though. when I find an acceptable mounting position for a real stereo, or a better version of this remote stereo out there, I'll use that instead. Regards, Lou


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