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Re: Can somone explain the deal on the LH and RH Drums on a 5...

From: Herman
Remote Name:
Date: May 13, 2003


Hi Clay, The short answer is yes. You drive out the studs from the outside - you don't care about damaging them. A hard, sharp blow is all that's needed. A word on starting new studs. Under the stud head is a row if serrations that grip the hole in the drum. Trail-fit the new studs and if it appears one will be a loose fit, with a ball peen hammer, carefully roll over the inside edge of the hole all the way around with the ball end - don't get carried away, it dosn't take a lot. Start the new stud by gently tapping with hammer just enough to get it started. While you can just drive it on in, I like to put the lug nut on backward (flat side first) and pull the stud in with an impact wrench. It's fast and pulls the stud in straight. You could also use a lug wrench or box end wrench to do the same thing. Once the stud bottoms, stop! Drive an old stud out and take it to a full service auto parts in case they don't have a universal listing in the back of the book or don't know how to read one (you would be surprised with some of these $5.00 hr wonders). At least they could match it. I checked the internet, and Dorman is still making wheel studs and lug nuts ( It's a good idea to replace the lug nuts with the studs. They don't cost much and the piece of mind is certainly worth it to me. Good luck, Herman


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