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Re: 3 kits for front disc brakes that bolt onto your stock dr...

From: Kenny J.
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Date: May 06, 2003


Hi Jason. With shipping and handling, the Super Deluxe Kit ran me $860.00. It contains virtually everything you need (including those new wheel bearings you want) and Roger is always a phone call away if you need technical help. Considering the amount of injury and damage you could inflict with a 3900 pound car at 40 mph if your single master cylinder brake system failed or if your front brakes caused your car to pull in an emergency stop, this is cheap insurance. And as Daven noted in another posting, you can always return your Savoy to stock brakes if you decide to restore the car to original condition. I may try to install my kit over the Memorial Day weekend. Maybe you can drop down to Vegas to watch or help.


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