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Trip to Junkyard

From: Jessica Hendricks
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Date: May 05, 2003


Hey guys-n-gals! I finally made it to the salvage yard (sooner than i thought, too). I took many pictures and scoped out many prospective parts. For those of you looking, please enjoy but bewarned that you'll need a strong stomach. Each year vehicle conditions seem to get worse...its incredibly depressing to hop from roof to roof on these once kings/queens of the highways and by-ways. To name offhand some parts i remember looking for specifically-- i found a good 60 dodge grille for the person looking ... the 58 belvedere wagon is in extremely severe state-- there might be a seat folded down, i just haven't gotten the time/nerve to crawl inside to find out. Unfortunately it has no luggage rack. The link is Hopefully i can get out there and get some more photos. This is not even a quarter of the antiques section-- and there are even more early 60's and 70's vehicles up the hill from this small corner of the yard. Happy looking. Jessica Hendricks


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