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From: Mike B
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Date: April 29, 2003


Brian, I have not purchased as yet anything from these folks, although I have called a few times looking for parts. I have always been treated most couteously and they have been helpful. Knowing how rare a lot of this NOS stuff is, and how much Collectors Auto Supply owns of it, I think we are lucky as hell someone can supply it at all. It seems there was some sort of lack of communication on the part of one of those involved which caused a problem and a complaint. Out of the hundreds of transactions Collectors must do, there is potential for this stuff to happen. I am sure a business owner does not go out of the way to purposely torque off a customer, so try and step back a bit and try them again later. See if you have the same sort of trouble. If so,then possibly state your case. One instance is really not enough to go on when you step into a forum such as this in order to trash a good name. If the shoe were on the other foot? Remember, these vendors own the stuff you need, and it is all rare. Mike


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