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Re: Ignition upgrade

From: Jeffc
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Date: April 28, 2003


Nope, just adjust them all when I hear one start making noise, works out to be once or twice a year; I also tune up at the same time... I could be wrong, but I really don't think this engine has been opened ( it looked too stock and no signs of rebuild), it does like 89 occ though and that is all I run it on, tried the lower grade when I frist got the car and tried to tune it to run on 87, to much ping on a hard pull, could not tune it out without loss of too much power.... seems happy at 10 btdc, with full vac advance set at aprox 40. I'm not going to say that is were you should set yours, just what works for me...... Sounds like a neat rig, I know what you mean about waiting even though I do most of my own work, stuff I don't have tools to do I farm out...... I have got stuck on the 65 cars myself..... Bel 1 4d 318 727, Bel2 2d ht 383 727, Dart GT 273 2bbl 904... The Bel 2 has it's body done, but still needs a inside (compleatly hammered).... The Dart GT is a 75K garage kept and stock orginal car except the pertronix unit and hoses Also have 3 trucks..... enough for now..... Jeffc


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