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No park mechanism on A-466 Torqueflites

From: Daven Anderson
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Date: April 26, 2003


What I meant was is that the '57-'61 dash pushbuttons will shift the gears R-N-D-2-1. Since no park mechanism exists in A-466 cast iron Torqueflites, no 'park' lever is on the dashboard of 1957-61 Torqueflite cars. You would have to have to make some kind of custom lever setup (get a park lever from a P/B 727 car and put it under the dash?!) to get 'park' to work. Since '62-up A-engine 727's don't have the driveshaft parking brake assembly as on A-466 Torqueflites, use of the later transmission requires a parking brake change as well (swap in later brake drums with service parking brakes, or a line lock would work).


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