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Re: Vin,trim code, paint code help

From: Mike B
Remote Name:
Date: April 26, 2003


This should be a 1961 Chrysler Newport w/V8. The web site below has a lot of paint info on it, but curiously, for 1961 Chrysler it does not have a second sheet which generally gives the interior trim colors. Is it a single-tone car? If so, the Trim would probably indicate the interior. According to the info at the bottom of the paint chip chart, 2-tone Newports, the first color is the roof and inset color, the second color is the main body color. Your information may bear a socond look, to make sure that the RBE isn't really something like RB2. 1960 and '61 were very similar from a paint standpoint, so you may find that you have to research 1960 to determine 1961. Even the manuals for 1961 were addendums to the 1960 books. This site has a lot of information on it and you may just talk to them about your questions. Good luck.


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