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I Was Wondering......

From: Kenny J.
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Date: April 26, 2003


I am aware of the advantages of synthetic oil and agree it is a good thing to use in a freshly rebuilt engine or even in a used engine that is in excellent shape. But what about an engine that is showing wear but is still driveable? In other words, if you have an engine that will be needing a rebuild in the near future, but is still driveable, is synthetic oil beneficial? The kid down the street from us drives a '64 Impala. The car smokes a little on hard acceleration and the compression is down a bit in all eight cylinders. He has to drive the car for now, until he can get the engine rebuilt. I would tend to believe the worn rings and blow by would contaminate the oil no matter what. In a case such as his, it seems it would make more sense to use the less expensive, non-synthetic oil until he can pull the engine and send it to the machine shop. Also, does synthetic oil resist the breakdown caused by internal condensation when a car is driven only occasionally or on short trips as some collector cars often are?


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