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Sorry, the 360 needs a '62-up Torqueflite!

From: Daven Anderson
Remote Name:
Date: April 26, 2003


Since the pre-'62 trans. bellhousings are designed for the pre-'62 V8 crankshaft flanges (which protrude out of the engine farther than '62-up flanges), you'll have to use a '62-up Torqueflite 727 (for "A-series" engines such as the 318's) behind that 360. The good news is that the '62-'64 pushbutton 727 will shift directly from the '57-'61 dash pushbuttons, and that the pushbutton 727's with the "A-engine" bolt pattern are easier to find and cheaper than "B-engine" p.b. 727's. The trans. you want is found in '62-'64 Dodge and Plymouth B-body cars with the 318 engine. Any '62-'present A-engine 727/904/518/999 could ultimately be made to work, but the '62-'64 727 lets you keep your pushbuttons. Oh, and for 1992-up "Magnum" engines such as the crate motors, you would have to add balancing weights to the torque converter of any pre-Magnum transmission.


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