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Re: Synthetics in an old engine?

From: Brian Cooper
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Date: April 23, 2003


I still hold firm that flushing a motor is snake oil, and that synthetic is the only way to go. I have seen several motors run on synthetic (after break in) that look like new when torn down. If your motor smokes or leaks on synthetic, you should fix the problem. The improved lubrication is well worth the repair costs. I will NEVER go back to dinosaur juice after the experiences I have had. Heck, I have a buddy that busted an oil pan on a manhole cover, and drove ten miles with zero oil pressure. That was 35,000 miles ago on the same bearings and rings. We replaced the pan, and kept going. I have another buddy that blew a lower radiator hose in Savannah, Ga. and drive three hours home on the interstate to Columbia, SC in a 84 Corvette. he is convinced the Mobil One saved him. I drove home from Greenville with one quart in a 93 S-10 4.3 and then put 45,000 miles on the motor. I am convinced.


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