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About Those Brakes.....

From: Kenny J.
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Date: April 22, 2003


In my case, I installed all new brake hardware, new hoses, replaced all six wheel cylinders and installed a rebuilt master cylinder. All drums were measured and machined, and all eight shoes were properly relined. My experience? The original "Full Contact" brakes work fine for a couple thousand miles, then start doing weird pulling hard to the right one time, stopping straight the next.Me having to either pump the pedal or hit it hard to get a "full" pedal to stop. Having the pedal apply the brakes fully less than half way down at one traffic light, then go completely to the floor at the next, sometimes barely stopping in time. Brakes were properly bled, then re-bled, the master cylinder remains full and no leaks visible anywhere. Sometimes the brakes stay in adjustment, other times it takes several tries to get them right. I finally made good on my threat and ordered an AAJ front disk brake conversion kit. I will also note that if the car sits too long without being operated, sometimes one of lower front wheel cylinders will go bad. It will begin to leak and/or push the shoe against the drum and "lock" up the wheel. This has happened to my car twice during extended lay-ups.


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