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Re: ForwardLook Years

From: Rodger
Remote Name:
Date: April 17, 2003


Gentleman; The frame and under-carriage of our '63 Le Baron is dated from 1957. It is carried up to the 1966 year. (The last automotive MoPar product to have a "frame".) The drive line assy has many parts that are either the same or are up-grades throught out the years. The Loadflight transmission is the same from '57 to '62 and from '63 to '65 AND from '66 to the last Le Baron or Imperial made. (note: Le Barons/Imperials and Dodge work trucks, busses, motor homes and etc got the Loadflight. Chrysler's and lesser makes got the Torqueflight transmissions.) The windshield is another '57 to '66 item. Look at the (baby) fins on the '63 Le Baron and Imperials for they are the last of the "finned" MoPars. I must also with agree in the styling note. Rodger


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