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Re: '57 to '61 Full Size bolt-on Brakes

From: Lou
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Date: April 02, 2003


From what I have been able to tell, the SSBC stuff is about double the cost. Last time my shop priced the job, its was gonna be just over $400 in parts to use AAJ. The basic AAJ kit is around $200, then you have another $200 or so in calipers, rotors, master cylinder, lines, etc. The SSBC kit is $895. Dunno if its $400 better than AAJ. SSBC also has a REAR disc kit but we have been trying to figure out how it really works. Haven't spoken to them yet, but the picture on the web site must not be that particular application. It doesn't indicate how it attaches to the axle housing or how the rotor attaches to the threaded/keyed axle shaft after removing the press-on drums. This kit is also a few hundred dolalrs more expensive than a retro-fit from late model parts. Also, for me, a rear-disc conversion is a little overkill anyway. I am going to upgrade my rear brakes to later model drums in order to dump the manual adjustment and have more plentiful source of brake shoes. Might even switch over the parking brake from the trans-mounted one. The way my shop will do it is by actually swapping in an E-body axle housing with big brakes, and putting my rear/diff in that. He has already started doing this on his '59 Fury, and it looks like it will go right in, and width will be really close to the same. Even after buying an E body axle, the cost is cheaper than the $725 for the SSBC kit. None of this stuff is something a purist would want to do, but I am keeping the old parts, and the swap does not require any modification that can't be changed back, so I can live with it. Then my car will will reliably stop STRAIGHT and I won't have to crawl under it every few thousand miles!! :-) Regards, Lou


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